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Laurent Sylvestre is a human dynamics thought leader and executive coach, unlike anyone you’ve met before. Laurent will empower you and your leadership team to unlock your highest potential.


Working with Laurent creates the opportunity for every leader to:

Lead ones self ‘efficiently’

Taking responsibility for your own actions, setting personal goals, and making conscious decisions that align with your values and aspirations.

Lead your enterprise successfully & sustainably’

Making conscious decisions that balance economic growth with social and environmental responsibility, creating a supportive work culture, and continuously adapting to changing market conditions and industry trends.

Lead others ‘inspirationally’

Setting a positive example, communicating a vision that resonates with those around you, and empowering individuals to reach their full potential.

Lead high performing teams

Your teams’ ability to learn, develop, pivot and change can be carried across your entire organisation

About Laurent

Laurent’s life experience, education and strategic agility have enabled him to create his own unique and efficient methods to help companies and their people to thrive.

Combining these insights with years spent in corporate leadership, Laurent now specialises in sharing his beliefs of human dynamics with you and your team.

Enhance your organisation’s potential with Laurent’s capacity to leverage better outcomes in culture, leadership, teams and business strategy.

  • Insightful

    Laurent has an innate ability to see into the depths of people, to understand the dynamics of workplace teams and companies to determine what may be hindering your organisation from achieving a thriving and harmonious culture.

  • Influential

    He is renowned for the design and delivery of impactful programs of work in leadership capability, high performing team dynamics, business strategy and visionary people & culture strategy.

  • Empowering

    Helping you to identify the story you craft versus the story which crafted you, Laurent offers a series of models and teachings designed to engage, and ultimately extract and enhance the impact of your people. Creating a cohesive team environment leads to better business outcomes, and it is this belief that drives Laurent’s methods.

Work With Laurent

High Performing Teams

In the relentless pursuit of performance excellence, high-performance teams can achieve exceptional results.

Company Culture

Get your company culture right and you will enable a unique environment where everyone can be the best version of themselves.

Executive Coaching

To perform at levels you've never considered, you must be willing to dive deep into the impact you have through the actions you take.



Laurent’s passion, tightly coupled with his depth and breadth of expertise across the key domains that truly matter to us – high performance teams, C suite coaching, leadership adaptivity development – has made a pivotal contribution to our talent and business strategy.  More recently we also embarked on our “Our Tomorrow” culture transformation programme in partnership with Laurent and team – this culture kaupapa is really Laurent’s speciality!  This has been hugely successful in its first stage and the incredible thing along the way was how much my team, our leaders and working squad were able to learn alongside Laurent and then pay forward to all our Spark team members.

Heather Polglase
People and Culture Director - Spark NZ

Laurent has been instrumental in my progression through my first year as Managing Director.

Scott McCondach
Managing Director - WT PARTNERS

Laurent's passion for unlocking the best in people, coupled with his own experience of leading large complex teams, make him a fantastic partner to work with. I would recommend Laurent to any team who want an experienced practitioner that can help to equip their business with the tools and mindsets required to improve performance.

Rich Adams

Laurent has been working with our Entelar Group leadership team on Exec Coaching, in particular in the Executive High Performing team’s area. We have found his coaching tools and methodology to be exceptional and my team are really getting the benefit from the sessions.

Rajesh Singh

It’s the first time I’ve come away from a leadership offsite with such a degree of reflection and excitement for how we can take our team to the next level. You’re a master at your craft; thank you for sharing your wisdom with us.

Amy Gregory
People & Culture and Health & Safety Lead - Entelar Group

Laurent has a wealth of knowledge and I’ve appreciated his balanced perspective to assist not only my individual development but also to enable my business to thrive.

Angela Cameron
CEO - Consult

I really appreciate and value Laurent’s ability and desire to take a non-traditional consultant approach in terms of how he engages with our business – he has been able to offer the expertise and the engagement style that has led to great ideas, creativity and unlocked the delivery of clear outcomes.

Heather Polglase
People & Culture Director - Spark NZ

I’ve found Laurent’s insight, and facilitation to be superb in every situation. The entire team are actively engaged, onboard and you can see the difference it has made in building high performing teams.

Grant McBeath
Customer Director - Spark

My professional coaching experience with Laurent was a priceless investment. Laurent has helped me over an extended period navigate a number of professional & career changes, and I can sincerely say I came through those a better person with Laurent’s coaching guidance.

Jo Mitchell
Chief Marketing & Customer Officer - My Food Bag


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High Performing Teams

Laurent’s High Performing Teams program is designed to set up and sustain your Leadership team. This program of work involves three residential two-day workshops, scheduled over a period of 3 – 6 months in total. Each workshop is built around the core principles of successful leadership:

  • Leading Self
  • Leading Others
  • Leading the Enterprise